New Covid-19 Shoot Info:

Our world has changed, and we have thus been forced to pivot and change how we do things in order to keep ourselves and those around us safe.  Please take a look at my new guidelines for shoots:


- I am currently shooting safe outdoor sessions  in Austin, Texas.  I have a couple of areas I like or I can come to an outdoor location near you with any good areas of natural light/shade.  

- I am also offering quarantine friendly 'Facetime Photoshoots' right now, if you'd like some content for your social media with zero risk!


- I ask you to let me know as soon as you can BEFORE your shoot if you or anyone in your home/office is experiencing any Covid Symptoms. 

- All shoots are one on one, so only you and myself - no kids, partners or assistants.  Also no people in close proximity at your home or office.

- Please let me know the set up if we are shooting at your location - and if we HAVE to shoot inside, plan a route to your location to avoid crowded areas / elevators etc.

- I ask that you are prepped with outfits, hair and makeup prior to the shoot and wear a mask at all times during our shoot - only taking it off once you are in position in front of the camera.  (In order to keep makeup fresh I suggest wearing a loose mask or scarf that is easy to remove).  

* Shoots will usually be early morning  to get the best light and cooler conditions.

- I will be wearing a mask at all times and using longer lenses in order to maintain the recommended 6ft distance between us. 

- No food or drink on set, but if we shoot at your home/office please feel free to let me know if you need to go inside or to your car for a break at any time.  (This will also be where you will change outfits and touch up make up). 

- Shoots will be kept as short as possible to minimize exposure to one another.

Hair & Makeup:

I LOVE my makeup artists and HIGHLY recommend them for that polished look, however I do not want to put anyone at risk at this current I ask that you do your own hair and makeup for now.  

** This is an evolving situation and I will let you know as soon as I can offer hair and makeup again!! **

Thanks for helping to keep each other safe xo


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