I am an accomplished, award winning portrait photographer from the UK.  I was born and raised in Cheshire in the north-west of England and have lived in various different places since then - including Cardiff; London; Los Angeles and Austin.  

After 12 years establishing my business in Los Angeles I recently relocated back to the UK, where I am looking for a more permanent base for my photography studio.  I will still shoot in both the UK and USA.

I have been an avid photographer for many years, as well as a successful actress and model (as Hayley J Williams).  I know how weird it is to be in front of the camera, and I bring my experience of that to every shoot I do...helping my clients to feel at ease so that we can create amazing photographs together.  With every acting job in my life I have been in awe of the collaborative experience needed to create art, and this has kept me humble - photography is just that, I love what I do and we work together to find your very best 'you'.  I aim to be the person to show you a side of yourself that perhaps you may never have seen.  I'm also very down to earth, a bit of a jokester (well, I think I'm funny ha!), and I try not to take life too seriously while squeezing as much joy out of it as possible!

* My portrait work has recently been featured in 'GQ South Africa' and  'Indiewire'.  I also won a portrait award in the 9th Collection of the Portrait Photo Awards.  My work has also been seen at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival and The Kennedy Center in DC.

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Main Photo Credit: Letticia Bissondut

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